Wind beneath my wing

. Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aku betul-betul! Lama tak macam tu. I really need that..Setakat ni dah ada idea tajuk thesis dan mode of analysis yang nak digunakan. Tak rugi bertapa kat Uni Malaya dan berjumpa dengan En NorJoharee yang sedang cuti buat Phd. Rupa-rupanya dia best friend dengan Dr Ong Eng Teck, lecturer UKP 6013 (paper penyelidikan aku!).

Today is THE day!

. Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As usual, my morning is always full with activities. So today, my day started as early as 7.30am. I'm done with my thesis template. Later, did some online add and drop course at IPS in UPSI. Lots of funny things happened to me today and I met with some interesting faces too.

My actual plan for today was to settle all the unfinished business so that I am no longer "string attached" with any of it. Thanks to Almighty Allah that I was able to do so.

One thing for sure, I was able to familiarise myself with UPSI and falling in love with the library which really reminded me of Hagerthy Library in Drexel University.

And I really like this quotation taken from a prominent figure in Ministry of Higher Education. He said
"In quest for success, commitment, teamwork and determination can overcome everything."

4 years ago, I have failed myself for unable to finish my Master of Science in TESL. This time, I believe it is prime time for me to again, challenge myself to finish it for the second time.

Unfinished Business


13 December 2008

Alas, after 8 years of waiting for the right time, place and people to be with, I am now officially in UPSI as a graduate student. Not surprised yet anticipated to see my old friends from all corners of Malaysia in Dewan SITC. Well, all my favourite friends were there. Abg Cik, Syariman, Wan were some of those that I managed to catch hold of their numbers.

A change of view and definitely a new environment for me when I am now acquiring a new field of study as compared to TESL. Interesting though I am am having difficulty in adjusting/switching from English to Bahasa Melayu.

It was definitely a long day. We started at 8am and finished around 7pm. Phewww...

A Close Call!

. Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a far away view of Selangor from the air!(huh? this has nothing to do with the entry....!)

I am having severe headache after a few hectic days! Waiting is a real pain in the ass...I think I have cursed in all languages possible...(only two though...hehehheh!!)

At last, I had an idea to call my school's office. Oh My God! The letter has been laying in the tray for the past many days...hmmmm!

Then, another bombshell! I opted for Mode B thinking that my friend is also applying for the same mode since her husband has applied for Mode B. Ouch....she opted for Mode A. Urrrggghhh...Now another problem yet to be solved.

And a place to stay overnight with internet connection...Now where to get that?

And I need to find a tuition centre for Anisa, also a babysitter for Sufi while I am attending my classes...

hmmm...this is "headache" and "the pain in the ass"...

But then, to think again...Sometimes, we do need the headache and the pain to realise what is it that we have been missing in life...


. Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clock is ticking and days passed by. I have not received any news regarding my application for my postgraduate study. But still, being a risk taker, I am ever willing to gamble and play with such a dangerous stake because today, I was in Tanjung Malim though from Genting actually, there were lots of nice houses around. Hopefully it will be a fruitful journey for me in these few weeks down south!

So here I am these few days!

A New Path Taken

. Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday, I made a call to Universiti Perguruan Tanjung Malim (UPSI) just to check my status for Master in Education Management. I managed to grab hold of Fizah, the officer in-charge of recruiting the new batch for December intake. She said the result is out but not yet approved by the senate. Well, after coaxing and pulling some tricks, she is willing to get back on me to confirm whether I am in or out. So today, I waited patiently for her call but none. At about 2.45pm, I called and she answered. The first thing that happened was, an apology from her for not calling me, so on the spot, she checked and confirm I in for this December. Alhamdulillah.


. Monday, October 13, 2008

Today is the first day of PMR. A bit tough I would say but nevertheless the kids were trying their very best! The most important is that as a teacher, we try to give the very best within our capability as the human behind the human!

The mechanism of a Human Being

. Saturday, October 11, 2008

All of us is mere human being regardless of gender, colour or race. But most of us tend to see people as they are not of who they are. I fell into that trap.

Today, I sat and really listen to the true meaning of the idea of human building another human. a shocking fact which blows my perception of the true meaning of human. The image of man and woman is now so subjective to me since it is not the gender, the race or background that make a human into what they choose to be but the human who is behind the human...

I wish I am the human behind the human...

Please Apply

. Friday, October 10, 2008

Excellent opportunity !!! Please encourage your form six students to apply. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Undergraduate Intensive English Language Study Program
This opportunity is for an eight-week intensive English language program at colleges and universities in the United States . In addition to English language instruction, the participants will also be provided with an introduction to American institutions, society and culture.
Applicants with very good academic records but with limited English language ability, will have the opportunity to increase their English language skills through a substantive U.S. exchange experience, thereby making them more competitive to participate in other U.S. government-sponsored exchanges and later graduate admission to U.S. institutions.

Kaliswary M. Subramaniam
Fulbright Program Officer for Malaysian Programs/
Testing Admin.Asst.
Malaysian-American Commission On Educational Exchange
18th Floor Menara Yayasan Tun Razak
200, Jalan Bukit Bintang 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603-2166 8878 ext 24
Fax : 603-2166 1878

It Has Been A While

. Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gosh..I was posting and caput, everything was deleted accidently. This laptop is always playing hide and seek, with crouching fingers and hidden alphabets...

All about good news!

I am back and now I am going a bit further. Hopefully this December, I will be putting my thinking cap for a long time until I finished my Master (again I am trying).

I managed to talk to one of the officer in UPSI and from his view, it is actually very easy to be in Upsi for Master. Guess, I need to put an aim and work hard for it!

Wish me luck guys!

Chili Peppers as Metaphor for Five Speech Components

. Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chili peppers were the metaphor used to enhance public speaking.

Youth focused on five major speech components: the aroma (title), hot spice (opening), hot sauce (central idea), meat and potatoes (body), and then adding more hot sauce (conclusion). The pepper theme was built into the entire program (growing, cooking, cleaning, decorating, cultural aspects, history, etc.). Multiple intelligences were used in planning the program, and 4-H Ambassadors were introduced to the concept through this workshop.

To better understand MI and its integration into public speaking, teens divided into multiple groups of 10 (standing, sitting, and laying on the ground) and read together "Bugs" by Margaret Wise Brown. They loved this activity, requesting several times to "do it again," using a variation of SPEAK-UP delivery techniques and methods.

In keeping with the pepper theme, teens verbalized the hows and whys of the tongue twister "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" musically, linguistically, and bodily-kinesthetically. Naturalistic, kinesthetic, and linguistic activities were then used to reinforce the concepts of pitch, expression, volume, and cadence. These incorporations of Gardener's (1999, 1993) MI theory into public speaking had a tremendous impact on the Idaho 4-H Ambassadors.
Multiple Intelligences Use Enhances Learning

Gardener suggests that intelligence has more to do with the capacity for (1) solving problems and (2) fashioning products in a context-rich and naturalistic setting. He describes the eight intelligences (spatial, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, linguistic, and naturalist) that relate to learning and educational practice. Individuals who incorporate multiple intelligences in their teaching and learning practice are more effective in knowledge transfer (Silver, Strong, & Perini, 2000).

Educators can learn to apply MI theory to today's learners (Bruetsch, 1998). Application of this theory enhances team building, assessment, productivity, and knowledge gain among all ages of learners (Lazear, 1998; Armstrong, 2000). Research suggests that the actualization of MI by teachers, Extension educators, 4-H professionals, and trainers will enhance learning and behavior change among all learners (Laughlin, 2001). MI links, bridges, and connects the dots from awareness to actualization of learning in Extension practice. Idaho Extension educators found using MI applications with teens "spiced up" learning, engagement, understanding, and fun!

Gardner suggests that we should place equal attention on individuals who show gifts of all eight intelligences. During SPEAK-UP, spatial learners were exposed to several varieties of dried Chili peppers in baskets that could be incorporated into the pepper framework. Costumes, table decorations (napkins, tablecloths, etc.), and posters of peppers were used to emphasize the pepper theme.

Bodily-kinesthetic learners were stimulated using projection activities, tasting "pepper" jellybeans, and practicing speeches in pairs and small groups. The support materials were presented in a logical-mathematical framework as a set of flip cards and in a "speech delivery tip outline" handout.

Interpersonal dialogue was cultivated during closed-armed and open-armed posture activities, in pairs, group work, and in presenting speeches. Participants reflected intrapersonally through writing their speeches. Naturalistic environments were used to reinforce speech concepts as group-reading events took place inside and outside of program facilities.

Lessons were planned using the Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plan Book by Anne Breutsche. SPEAK-UP approaches were sequenced as individual and small group tasks in a safe environment. Four (Fun! Ethics! Self-responsibility! Self-discipline!) entertaining activities based in multiple intelligences targeted specific SPEAK-UP goals and objectives. Using the Chili theme as a springboard, 4-H Ambassadors embraced different speaking methods and incorporated multiple intelligence approaches into group and individual speeches to end the Ambassador program.

Key youth development concepts included: Planning/preparation of speeches (use of "Build-on" speech outline cards, emphasis on practice, research on topics, and knowing your audience) delivery techniques of speeches (eye contact, body posture, humor, voice), personal presence (dress, non-verbal cues), and a discussion about social skills.

Achievements: Integration of MI into Public Speaking Programs

Forty-five first-year 4-H Ambassadors gave speeches. They exhibited creative use of the information gained in the SPEAK-UP development program. Through documented observation, teens gave innovative introductions using visual imagery and metaphors. Over half of participants used speech outline cards to present speeches. Over 40% of the teens used humor and fun in their presentation. Several participants exhibited efficiency in microphone use. Over 90% of speakers used the five major speech components highlighted in SPEAK-UP program. Teens formed new friendships, gained confidence, and had fun when working in pairs and small groups on components of their speech.

Teen participants reported that they learned leadership and responsibility through this public speaking experience. Several linked 4-H demonstrations to public speaking for the first time. Senior 4-H Ambassadors shared that public speaking helped them in their family business, overcoming their fears, community involvement, and work experience.

John Paul Murphy, Utah 4-H Specialist, noted; "When participants had an opportunity to say what they learned the most from the Western Region Teen Leadership Retreat and what they would take home to use in their 4-H programs, almost every kid mentioned the SPEAK-UP workshop and its great learning impact."

Spicing up 4-H teen public speaking with multiple intelligences approaches and the chili theme brought forth new understanding in the learners. One teen exclaimed, "4-H is amazing . . . it is experiential learning." Several indicated that the use of music in speeches was "good." Adult chaperones indicated they would use multiple intelligences and the SPEAK-UP development process in their communities, 4-H clubs, and in the promotion of Conservation District programs and events. Achievements of the Integration of MI into the Speak-Up program reinforced the ancient Chinese proverb "Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand."


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