. Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clock is ticking and days passed by. I have not received any news regarding my application for my postgraduate study. But still, being a risk taker, I am ever willing to gamble and play with such a dangerous stake because today, I was in Tanjung Malim though from Genting actually, there were lots of nice houses around. Hopefully it will be a fruitful journey for me in these few weeks down south!

So here I am these few days!

A New Path Taken

. Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday, I made a call to Universiti Perguruan Tanjung Malim (UPSI) just to check my status for Master in Education Management. I managed to grab hold of Fizah, the officer in-charge of recruiting the new batch for December intake. She said the result is out but not yet approved by the senate. Well, after coaxing and pulling some tricks, she is willing to get back on me to confirm whether I am in or out. So today, I waited patiently for her call but none. At about 2.45pm, I called and she answered. The first thing that happened was, an apology from her for not calling me, so on the spot, she checked and confirm I in for this December. Alhamdulillah.