Wind beneath my wing

. Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aku betul-betul! Lama tak macam tu. I really need that..Setakat ni dah ada idea tajuk thesis dan mode of analysis yang nak digunakan. Tak rugi bertapa kat Uni Malaya dan berjumpa dengan En NorJoharee yang sedang cuti buat Phd. Rupa-rupanya dia best friend dengan Dr Ong Eng Teck, lecturer UKP 6013 (paper penyelidikan aku!).

Today is THE day!

. Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As usual, my morning is always full with activities. So today, my day started as early as 7.30am. I'm done with my thesis template. Later, did some online add and drop course at IPS in UPSI. Lots of funny things happened to me today and I met with some interesting faces too.

My actual plan for today was to settle all the unfinished business so that I am no longer "string attached" with any of it. Thanks to Almighty Allah that I was able to do so.

One thing for sure, I was able to familiarise myself with UPSI and falling in love with the library which really reminded me of Hagerthy Library in Drexel University.

And I really like this quotation taken from a prominent figure in Ministry of Higher Education. He said
"In quest for success, commitment, teamwork and determination can overcome everything."

4 years ago, I have failed myself for unable to finish my Master of Science in TESL. This time, I believe it is prime time for me to again, challenge myself to finish it for the second time.

Unfinished Business


13 December 2008

Alas, after 8 years of waiting for the right time, place and people to be with, I am now officially in UPSI as a graduate student. Not surprised yet anticipated to see my old friends from all corners of Malaysia in Dewan SITC. Well, all my favourite friends were there. Abg Cik, Syariman, Wan were some of those that I managed to catch hold of their numbers.

A change of view and definitely a new environment for me when I am now acquiring a new field of study as compared to TESL. Interesting though I am am having difficulty in adjusting/switching from English to Bahasa Melayu.

It was definitely a long day. We started at 8am and finished around 7pm. Phewww...

A Close Call!

. Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a far away view of Selangor from the air!(huh? this has nothing to do with the entry....!)

I am having severe headache after a few hectic days! Waiting is a real pain in the ass...I think I have cursed in all languages possible...(only two though...hehehheh!!)

At last, I had an idea to call my school's office. Oh My God! The letter has been laying in the tray for the past many days...hmmmm!

Then, another bombshell! I opted for Mode B thinking that my friend is also applying for the same mode since her husband has applied for Mode B. Ouch....she opted for Mode A. Urrrggghhh...Now another problem yet to be solved.

And a place to stay overnight with internet connection...Now where to get that?

And I need to find a tuition centre for Anisa, also a babysitter for Sufi while I am attending my classes...

hmmm...this is "headache" and "the pain in the ass"...

But then, to think again...Sometimes, we do need the headache and the pain to realise what is it that we have been missing in life...