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. Thursday, August 30, 2007

To all the visitors, feel free to drop by my comfort zone.Love to see you there.

A cup of comfort.

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. Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yahoo. Teachers is an interesting link for teacher to be use to organise their lesson and at the same time to get new innovative ideas to be used in class.

Life as an Educator


It has been a while since I last came to this blog. Life has been busy juggling with work and home and so many interesting things has happened in last two months. I finally saw my self as an educator and a mentor rather than just a plain teacher.
It is all about teaching of UNDERSTANDING. It is no longer about imparting the knowledge but more of making the students gaining understanding from the knowledge and to apply it to some new in their life.
To educate students meant more than just teaching them ABC. Again, it is about how they can use ABC to make meaningful words and use the words to benefit them.
Being an educator is to be able change " not knowing" to "knowing what is unknown". It is a tough task, a challenging one but the satisfaction that we gained as we see the students emerged and start blooming into something beautiful is something that no one else has the power of doing it accept we as educators.

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Starting At The End