Defining and Planning a Multimedia Project

. Thursday, April 26, 2007

Planning...planning..planning..It does matter where you start..Answer these questions before you do your lesson plan because it may help with your lesson.

1. What do I need to teach?
Well refer to the curriculum or the standard.

2. What equipment do I have available?
Work with what you have

3. What applications do I have available?
It really depends on your computer.

4. What is the project?
Use all the sources available and select what you need

5. What multimedia product will the students create?
It is all about giving the students the experience.

6. Can I put it in a nutshell?
Just focus on the essence of the project

7. What are my goals and objective?
You must be able to reach the student with your objectives and be more realistic of your goal

8. How much time should we spend on this?
As much as it takes and you should love doing it with your students.

9. How will I involve students in decision making?
Let the students feel the power of decision making.

10. What forms of collaboration will I include?
Build a structural working environment to build their confidence.

11. What resources will I need?
Look at the Library material, what about the field trip, Peole, the internet, News Media, Or the originsl

13 How will I measure what my students learn....!!
It is all about Rubrics

14. What's the real world,
More of the students want to be part of the real world and able to build the connection with the real world.

15. What's my own life now?
Test pilot your project so that you will be able to see the flaws before you start doing the lesson plan

My Conclusion:

I like working with ideas that can be used again and again. So when I focus on these questions, things became very easy. That is a proper guidelines for teachers to be better teacher!!

Making a Real-World Connection


Imagine we are walking along the river and seeing the water flowing and not wondering where the water ends... That is how the the situation in class when the teacher is teaching yet not reaching the students and the students are not sure where they are going.

Most teachers are trying very hard to understand their students but the real challenge is to build a connection. Multimedia is a time of invention and connecting to real word. The students and the teachers are able to build a bridge that connect them to the real world.

Using the TEN kinds of Real-World Connections, a teacher is able to do a project based on topics where they are able create a presentation and share their knowledge about their interest with everyone. They are also able to connect themselves through the future by working using an adult skill..something that kids always pretend to be.
When a teacher is able to find the connection through the curriculum, then a new world is open for the students to explore and be more connected to the world that we are sharing.

Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives by Marc Prensky

. Monday, April 16, 2007

Name : Marc Prensky
Article : Digital Immigrants, Digital Natives


The best part about this article is the realization of the differences between the old school and the new school. The students in this millenium have change radically and the teachers of old school are struggling to keep up with this drastic turn over of school of thought where most teachers are trying to understand the new methodology in teaching. The core of teaching now focus on the learning of new ways to teach the legacy of education. As students are attracted to the digital and technological approach, it is understood that a new approach in reaching these students must be develop.


Marc Prensky's idea in looking the need to change the methodology in teaching is indeed hitting the core in teaching. The article is giving a very in depth view about our students' methods in learning. They are no longer rely on teachers to gain knowledge because their teachers come in many forms, either in a form of a game, computer, hand phone, i-pod and many others. They are constantly learning new things while the human teacher is still waiting for the students to come!!

My View:

Reading this article made me see my students in a different light altogether. They are born in a world which totally different from what I used to have. The way they approach learning fascinate me because they learn not in the way I want to teach them. More and more I am learning from them and evolved with the wind of change. I am learning to accept that I am a digital immigrant trying to speak their language as digital natives. But it is better to accept the fact that there is always room for improvement and accepting the fact that as teacher, I must be versatile and open for options in making my students a life long learners.


How can I as a teacher make use of the digital infusion to the advantage of the students and myself? Will I be better learner if I am able to learn from my student? Will I be a better teacher even though I am not digital savvy but I am able to teach my students the value of being an intelligent students?

Dear Diary

. Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dear Diary,

This is my first night of multimedia class. Things I already know about technology are:
I know about skype, IM, Internet, E-mail, how to do print screen and send it to someone.

Things I WANT TO KNOW about technology:
1. How to maximize the usage of multimedia
2. Gosh..everything about multimedia is interesting....It is about Everything n Anything that got to do with multimedia and tecnology

Things I hope to Learn about technology are:
1. How to create multimedia based lessons plan for myself and teachers
2. How to use internet with my students
3. How to design podcast
4. How to use ipod in the class

an ant,