My Response to Priya Jayakrishnan's questions on "How can Digital Stories fit into Math and Science"

. Wednesday, May 16, 2007

short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart

How can a digital story be used in Math and Science?

Digital story delves into many aspects of the child's personality and potential.
Digital storytelling an idea that produce videos that reads as films rather than as multimedia stories. The story is incorporating the children's imagination/fantasy play.

So how can Digital Stories fit into Math and Science?

How does Digital Stories help students master Math and Science concepts?

Digital stories can be a help in Math and Science because it about making connection between math and science and everyday items that young people are engaged which is one way to break down the walls that suggest that this is something foreign.

Digital story is one of the instructional media designed specially to help meet the varied needs of learners in 21st century classrooms.

With Digital Story, students can:

* Work together or independently to watch movies or work on software modules
* Engage in exploratory, hands-on activities to construct their own means for understanding new material
* practice both traditional and nontraditional testing skills such as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, portfolio development



Check it out!


. Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What I’ve learned so far…

When I first sign up for this class, I know that I am going in as an Immigrant. And then.. I realized that as I am picking up new stuffs and I have been stumbling and struggling to understand, I am getting better and better day by day.

I learn about Project-Based Multimedia Learning and the one that I enjoyed most is building my own blog..something I definitely will share with my native students...!!

Then I moved on to making the webquest, something which so new to me and I am really struggling with it but along the way I picked up a lot of interesting like how build the rubric..something that I thought it will so difficult to build but actually it is so easy.

Now the cool thing that I am learning is the Smartboard and the Virtual Worlds for kids. Welcome to Webkinz is a new whole world of building and arranging rooms that works so well with kids because they are tapping on their creativity. Not only that the kids learn how to feed and take care of their pets. Not only that..they can make money by playing games or do jobs. The money is to used to buy food for the pets.. Cool..

I am excited with Designing my OWN multimedia project....

What I’m still struggling with..

Being an immigrant left me with inability to move faster in grasping the fast-paced knowledge. I am learning to assess which website is good for myself and my students. Not only that..most of the time I am I need to learn the direction and way to move in the world of technologies so that I am NOT lost all the time. It takes time to get used to the sign and the language and the facilities but I know...I will find my way.

The Usefulness of Web 2.0 in the classroom

. Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What is Web 2.0
Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software by Tim O'reilly

The concept of "Web 2.0" began with a conference brainstorming session between O'Reilly and MediaLive International. Dale Dougherty, web pioneer and O'Reilly VP, noted that far from having "crashed", the web was more important than ever, with exciting new applications and sites popping up with surprising regularity. What's more, the companies that had survived the collapse seemed to have some things in common. Could it be that the dot-com collapse marked some kind of turning point for the web, such that a call to action such as "Web 2.0" might make sense? We agreed that it did, and so the Web 2.0 Conference was born.

The web became a platform where there is no hard boundry but a gravitational core. It is a set of principles and practices that tie together a veritable solar system of sites that demontrates some or all principles. Examples of Web 2.0 design patterns are Netscape, Google, DoubleClick , eBay.

So, how can teachers use Web 2.0 in classroom?
It depends on how a teacher is willing to move from her whiteboard to the computer screen and letting the students to take charge of their own learning. Web 2.0 is providing essential tools for teachers to use.

Teachers must change the attitude to... "Do it" ...don't just say it!!